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  JACQUES CLAVIER PARIS © Therapeutist - Manufacturer

• Fold and unfold it in 4 seconds ! "Instant open©" System

• Fits everywhere

• Easy to transport: The lighest massage tables in the market

table de massage
Specialist of portable and folding massage tables
table de massage
  table de massage


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You sould afford the Best, don't trust in counterfeits !

Leader of the knowledge to make quality massage tables. The only ones with the “SAFETY LABEL©”.

ABSOLUTE SAFETY is essential for a FOLDING massage table ! A technical flaw which generates the fall of the “receiver” can have detrimental and / or dramatic consequences.

The resistance of this folding system , known as “Instant Open ©”, is based on the architecture of some bridges: twisted steel wire cables of 7 * 7 ( 525 kg of resistance) connect between them all the elements of the table which constitutes the "BUILDING". The more one charges in weight, the more the unit rigidifies oneself. But only one rupture on the fastener of a cable for example, and the building collapses!

This is why the “SAFETY LABEL©” was created: It's a guarantee for you and PROTECTS you by the tests and care from manufacture which it imposes.

















And then we like to innovate and astonish, astonish you ! Do you know the comfort of a heating table? Just rest on it and enjoy…

It is about IDEAL heating equipment, since he is composed of 3 protected heating elements offering a length of heating surface of 1,50 m approximately (on a maximum width) thus getting a remarkable comfort and being .

To obtain the best benefits from it, it is recommended to cover the table with a large terry towel (faster and concentrated heat).

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Jacques Clavier

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